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The incredible story of the world’s largest game store!

Communities are not just bound by borders – they are often comprised of people with shared passions. A local game store is a unique place where people can connect with each other, create memories, and build community.

Celebrating 40 years of operation, the Sentry Box in Calgary Alberta has become an inviting space for people of all backgrounds who have a love for table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

We share the unique history and stories of the Sentry Box by interviewing the owner, long-time customers, current and former employees, and local industry influencers who have all been connected by the local game store.

We also explore why games are the perfect tool for breaking down barriers and creating common ground between people of diverse backgrounds.

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The setting takes place in a fictional mid-30’s city, combining paranormal investigation, the occult, golden age heroes, pre-WW2 espionage, ancient mysticism, and the criminal underground. Think of it like the Maltese Falcon with an X-Files twist!

How does Grimm end?

We give you the setting, and you can do whatever you want without having to adhere to any canon. All we know is that Grimm ends up disappearing off the map – but it will be up to your table to decide how that happens. Do Nazis open an inter-dimensional gateway? Do aliens attack? Do demons from the underworld invade? Take the building blocks provided, and have as many fun adventures as possible before you blow the whole damn thing up!! You decide how Grimm ends!


Kickstarter coming soon!

The Cities Grimm will be launching on Kickstarter in early 2023. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and YouTube Channel for regular updates on our progress and design decisions.

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We wanted the Dieku System to be so simple it could be conveyed in an instruction manual. Inspired by that design aesthetic, we created the Dunjön RPG to showcase the Dieku System.

We are sharing this Beta version for playtesting, with links within the document to provide feedback and suggestions. 

Join me in the exploration of why we love table top games through long form interviews with game designers and industry influencers.


Steve Jackson

I was joined by Steve Jackson who has had a distinguished career, designing iconic games such as GURPS, Car Wars, The Fantasy Trip, and last, but not least – Munchkin!

Lee Gold of Alarums and Excursions APA RPG Fanzine

I had the pleasure of being joined by Lee Gold, the creator of the Lands of Adventure RPG, Land of the Rising Sun supplement for Chivalry & Sorcery, Vikings for Iron Crown, GURPS Japan and the Valhalla Trilogy novels. Lee is also the...

Cezar Capacle of Push and What Lies Beneath the Darkness

I was joined by Cezar Capacle, the designer of minimalist games such as Starlight Riders, What Lies Beneath the Darkness, Kismet and Cows vs Zombies. Cezar also shared the fundamentals of the Push SRD which is Creative Commons and able to...

Andrew Kolb shares design for the new Oz setting!

We were joined by Andrew Kolb, who shared his design process for the new Oz TTRPG setting. This is Andrew's follow up to the the Ennie Award nominated Neverland TTRPG. Using inspiration from Frank Baum's novels, Andrew combined his...


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