Playing games should be fun and easy. We use this minimalist design philosophy to make games that inspire the imagination and creativity of players.


We wanted the Dieku System to be so simple it could be conveyed in an instruction manual. Inspired by that design aesthetic, we created the Dunjön RPG to showcase the Dieku System.

We are sharing this Beta version for playtesting, with links within the document to provide feedback and suggestions. 

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The Dieku System has been a labor of love, and we are thrilled to share it with the table top role playing game world. To support our continued work on the Dieku System, we would appreciate you becoming a Patron!


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The Cities Grimm will be Dieku Game’s first full RPG game that will be launching the second half of 2021. The setting takes place in a fictional mid-30’s city, combining paranormal investigation, the occult, golden age heroes, pre-WW2 espionage, ancient mysticism, and the criminal underground. Think of it like the Maltese Falcon with an X-Files twist!

How does Grimm end?

We give you the setting, and you can do whatever you want without having to adhere to any canon. All we know is that Grimm ends up disappearing off the map – but it will be up to your table to decide how that happens. Do Nazis open an inter-dimensional gateway? Do aliens attack? Do demons from the underworld invade? Take the building blocks provided, and have as many fun adventures as possible before you blow the whole damn thing up!! You decide how Grimm ends!


Kickstarter coming soon!

We will be launching The Cities Grimm Kickstarter upon completion of Dieku System playtesting through the Dunjön micro-RPG.

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