Promote your Crowdfunding on our new podcast feature – Game Pitch!

I am inviting emerging indie TTRPG creators to make a pitch for their upcoming projects on a YouTube/Facebook livestream between 1pm-2pm EST on a weekday. This video can then be embedded on your crowdfunding page and shared on social media to help promote your project!

Check the channel out at: YouTube.com/DiekuGames

The stand-alone pitch should be about 5 minutes long, and I will periodically ask questions and help to fill in gaps and get people excited about the game, which will likely put at us at a 10-15 minutes length in total.

You will be asked to prepare a slide deck that matches the 5 minute pitch. Don’t limit yourself to a boring slide deck – be creative, and use it as an opportunity to inform and inspire viewers with artwork, mood board, your history, system info, contributors, and crowdfunding details! (although it can’t be animated)

You will also be asked to provide me a YouTube thumbnail that is 1920×1080 and leaves some space for the Game Pitch logo in the bottom left corner.

My goal is to help emerging indie creators reach more people for their projects. Creators can help by watching/liking/sharing other creators’ pitch videos and I appreciate anyone who wants to engage with the Dieku community by liking our social pages and joining our DIscord!

The sooner you submit the form, the better – even if some of the details are still unknown, which is to be expected for a new project!


* Please note, that the desire is to have a lot of visuals to show and share. Unfortunately this format doesn’t support LARPs or games that are primarily text.

What should your slide deck look like?

That is compoletely up to you! It’s your game, and I want it to be reflective of that. 

The Stranger Things Bible as a good guide on how to theme a pitch – I suggest it be not quite as wordy and in a 16×9 aspect ratio (1920px x 1080px)

Another tip is to answer some of the questions that a potential buyer might have:

  • The synopsis of the game (and we can talk about where the idea came from)
  • The rules and system (I’ll probably ask questions about why you chose it, and why it fits the game)
  • Character types, unique elements, etc.
  • Artwork (who is doing it, inspiration for it, etc.)
  • Details of the crowdfunding (levels, rewards, launch date, etc.)
  • Where can they learn more (socials, web site, etc.)