A game so easy to learn, it’s an instruction manual!

FÄNGELSEHÅLA – or Fäng for short – is where epic adventures unfold with the elegance of assembling your favorite furniture!

This tabletop role-playing game is a minimalist approach, offering an immersive experience without the complexity.

Forget thick rulebooks and intricate character sheets –Fäng is as easy to grasp as connecting the dots in an instruction manual.


Pitch your game on a livestream!

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The incredible story of the world’s largest game store!

Communities are not just bound by borders – they are often comprised of people with shared passions.

A local game store is a unique place where people can connect with each other, create memories, and build community.

Celebrating 40 years of operation, the Sentry Box in Calgary Alberta has become an inviting space for people of all backgrounds who have a love for table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

We share the unique history and stories of the Sentry Box by interviewing the owner, long-time customers, current and former employees, and local industry influencers who have all been connected by the local game store.

We also explore why games are the perfect tool for breaking down barriers and creating common ground between people of diverse backgrounds.

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We have a discord channel for game designers to connect and share with each other. Feel free to join!

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