FÄNGELSEHÅLA is the Swedish word for “dungeon.” 

We are inviting you to play an epic adventure with the elegance of the instructions from everybody’s favorite furniture store!

This tabletop role-playing game is a minimalist approach, offering an immersive experience without the complexity. Forget thick rulebooks and intricate character sheets – FÄNG is as easy to grasp as connecting the dots in an instruction manual. 

Designed for one-shots that allow you to embark on quests with mechanics so straightforward that you can be up and running in minutes. 


Make characters within minutes on a d66 table and jump right into the adventure!

You can choose from character options of Alv, Dvärg, Krigare, Tomte and Trollkarl. (Elf, Dwarf, Warrior, Gnome & Wizard) Each character option providing some unique benefits in the game. 

Each character also receives a heirloom and curse to help round out their back story and make the game play a little more exciting!



  • Attributes of Will, Tinker, Agile and Tuff ranging from 2-4 that are the base pool of white Action Dice as well as any extra dice added from character benefits
  • Top two Action Dice are totalled to beat a Difficulty score on a scale of 12
  • Jinx is a tie, and there is success with a complication
  • Use Luck Dice to improve failed Action Rolls


  • Character damage and trauma is tracked with black Doom Dice which you stack on the table – or track on character sheet if you are on a wobbly table, camping, or just think it’s too gimmicky (it’s fun though… you should try it!)
  • Difference between the Action Roll and Monster Difficulty is Doom to the loser
  • If your Doom Stack tumbles during battle, the character is unconscious, or you trigger a trap if you accidentally knock them over while getting a snack!
  • Risk using Doom Dice to help Action Rolls but then add them to your Doom Stack

Difficulty Scale

<6 – Don’t bother rolling… characters just do it!
6 – Pretty easy, you had better be able to do it
7 – Expected outcome, unless you mess up
8 – Pretty hard task, but not surprising that you did it
9 – Damn hard, but with all your concentration, you can do it
10 – Very difficult, to the point that pulling it off is surprising
11 – Almost Impossible… don’t kill yourself in the process
12 – Impossible… best you can hope for is a Jinx

*The base game mechanics were inspired by the d6 system first developed for Ghostbusters RPG by Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis & Greg Stafford, which has been foundational for dice pool mechanics across many TTRPGs


Each adventure is minimal game prep from random d66 tables that provides a random dungeon and its content. It’s so easy that you can probably even run it without a Doomsayer (GM).


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