Promote your new game to an audience of over 4000 on YouTube, Instagram & X

TTRPG creators are invited to make a pitch about their upcoming projects on a YouTube/Facebook/Twitch livestream between 2pm-6pm EST on a weekday. This video can then be embedded on your crowdfunding page and shared on social media to help promote your project!

Check the channel out at: YouTube.com/DiekuGames 

VIBE HEAVY slide deck, with limited text

  • Don’t limit yourself to a boring slide deck! The Stranger Things Bible or even my own Bug Buster slide deck are examples of theming it.
  • Just have enough text to guide the discussion. Nobody can read more than a couple of sentences on the screen.
  • Have it be a 4:3 aspect ratio (1440px x 1080px) instead of the typical 16:9 ratio, so we have more room to see the slide deck as we talk on screen
  • Include details prospective supporters want to see, such as:
    • The synopsis of the game, and inspiration for its creation
    • The rules and system (I’ll ask questions about why you chose it, and why it fits the game)
    • Character types, unique elements, etc.
    • Artwork (who is doing it, inspiration for it, etc.)
    • Details of the crowdfunding (levels, rewards, launch date, etc.)
    • Where can they learn more (socials, web site, etc.)

Watch below some of my tips on preparing a game pitch slide deck!

What you need to do:

  • Complete the google form below, and I will be in touch.
  • Provide a slide deck (PowerPoint or Google Slides) that covers details that potential supporters would be interested in knowing.
  • Provide a high impact image (1600px wide X 1200px high with no text) which I will use to make a YouTube thumbnail – see sample image below.
  • Promote the show on your socials!

PLEASE NOTE: I want to support Indie Game Designers, but your project cannot contain AI generated art.