Oddly Dark Tales of Happily Ever After

Secret doors are everywhere.

(you just need to know where to look)

Inspired by the fiction of classic children’s books such as The Secret World of Og by Pierre Burton and the Oz series by Frank Baum, we have taken the same whimsy and applied to a style of play that is conducive to not needing to know every single rule before you play. 

But don’t let the ease of play or simple childlike illustrations fool you – this game also has some teeth! The world of Zar is oddly dark, and the characters play heroes trying to do good in this otherwise morose fairy tale.

Do they have what it takes to make the World of Zar a better place?

The game features:

  • Minimal prep for the GM
  • Characters that are made within minutes
  • No humans (except for lost children… but they can’t talk in Zar… which is usually a good thing!)
  • No attributes! That’s right… the characters sheets are very easy to remember and provide more opportunities for fun game play
  • The style of play based upon the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution (FKR) framework, and designed to be more immersive
  • A unique world that players will discover through play