Ancient mysteries await

The year is 1935. The world is climbing out of the great depression and gearing up for war. Each faction is looking for en edge, and the Grimm Archipelago has become the battleground. 

The Grimm Royal Family has reigned over the land for a millennia after their viking ships crashed upon its shores. Building their Kingdom upon the remnants of a lost civilization, an ancient darkness has slowly crept into the city. Gateways to the supernatural have unleashed long-forgotten terrors that must be kept in check.

With only the solstice megaliths left as clues, many factions including Nazis, Secret Services, The Ancient Red Order, and Privateers are all now in a race to discover the secrets that lie below the bustling streets. 

The fates of both the city and world are now in your hands.

A thousand stories in the city – all of them Grimm

This sandbox setting takes place in a fictional mid-30’s metropolis combining paranormal investigation, the occult, golden age heroes, pre-WW2 espionage, ancient mysticism, and the criminal underground. Think of it like the Maltese Falcon with an X-Files twist!

Underlying The Cities Grimm is a meta-narrative that still allows extreme flexibility to GMs and players. The setting will provide countless hooks and mysteries to ensure fun over many campaigns. 

Players can choose to play a variety of character classes including private detective, explorer, vigilante, gadgeteer, illusionist, reporter, occultist, operative, enforcer, mentalist, and burglar – just to name a few!

We will be launching The Cities Grimm through Kickstarter in the very near future!