Playtest the Dieku System using the Dunjön micro-RPG!

To playtest the Dieku System we wanted to create rules so simple that they could be conveyed in an instruction manual!

Download the beta version from itch.io now!


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What is the Dieku System?

It was tempting to tap into some of the many great game mechanics that have been created by members of the industry. However, in the OSR tradition, we are taking the foolish leap to create our own lightweight rule system that has the sensibilities that we hope to achieve.

The Dieku name itself is derived from the goal of developing a minimalist game system that doesn’t have any extraneous elements – like a Haiku poem – simple, elegant, yet with dice.

We will be using the game system for our first full scale RPG title – The Cities Grimm – which will be launching on Kickstarter in the second half of 2021! We might even have a few extra micro-RPG games before then too!

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